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Security For Home And Business

The importance of video surveillance in the workplace or at home cannot be stressed enough. These unique video and audio surveillance systems are used to monitor the events in your workplace or home for the safety and security of those who live or work there. Surveillance systems have also been proven to improve workplace efficiency. Employees are more focused on their work when they know you are watching. With these systems in place, proper documentation can be maintained for staff, inventory, assets, visitors and customers.

Surveillance cameras also provide the first defense against different forms of potential threats to home or business. Your employees and visitors will feel comfortable with these systems fully functional in your organization. The systems include devices such as cameras, DVRs and audio recording devices. They help you monitor your home or business locally or remotely when you travel away.

Let us help you have peace of mind. Our technical team at Rapid Voice and Data Solutions offers consultancy and installation services for CCTV security surveillance systems. After installation, we will train your in-house team on how to use the systems. Our experience in this area is vast; we have installed all forms of security monitoring system, so you can depend on our services every time.

If you are not sure about the security surveillance system that is appropriate for your workplace, we can help. Our technicians have been trained to assess businesses with a focus on the company’s operations. This way, we can identify the best state of the art video surveillance system for your business. It also means all types of businesses can benefit from our services regardless of size. Our technical team will design and install the right surveillance system to cover your entire workplace environment.

Surveillance systems are versatile. They can be used in corporate or industrial business environments, as well as schools, stores, and in private homes. Our technical team has the skills to develop the logistics plan to meet your needs. You can also call us to upgrade your analog systems to the improved digital surveillance systems.

There are so many types of security surveillance in the market. We are always available to help you make the best decision. You need the perfect system that offers proper coverage without spending more money than necessary.

Are you considering upgrading your existing systems? There is a range of new and improved video and audio surveillance equipment that have more advanced features. Some improvements include better motion sensors, improved resolution for closed-circuit television, clearer audio, better IP camera, larger storage, and sturdy designs that can withstand the external conditions when installing outside your property.

The effectiveness of your closed-circuit television and video cameras that function with the surveillance system depends on how they have been installed. Considering the importance of such systems, only the best and experienced technicians should handle this job. At Rapid Video and Data Solutions, our services are tailored to meet your needs regardless of the infrastructure in your workplace.

The variety of Video surveillance cameras and equipment we are able to supply includes:

  High resolution Cameras – Rugged/Wide Dynamic Cameras

  Dome Cameras – Fixed Cameras

  Pan-tilt-zoom Cameras – Cyber-dome Cameras

  Monitors (Flat panel, LCD, CRT) – Security Consoles

  Data Storage Systems – Digital Video Recorders

  IP Solutions – Video Analytics

  Digital Fiber Solutions

No matter your individual budget or design requirements/restrictions, we have the flexibility and tools to meet your needs. We offer solutions for all types of infrastructure, working with detailed project management and documentation, cable system management, and CAD, maintaining a high quality of design and expertise.

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