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The difference between a construction technologist and a civil engineer is that civil engineering is an engineering discipline. Construction technology is basic design courses.
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Construction technology is a related field that deals more with the practical aspects of projects. Construction technicians learn the design aspects.

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Company Uses Modern & Powerful Construction Technologies


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This allows them to understand both basic design functions as well as the building requirements needed to design and build today’s infrastructures.

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Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

Development Company

I’ve been a business owner for many years and have dealt with many installation companies. Rapid VD is the most qualified and professional.

Adam Locksmith

Adam Locksmith

Graphic Designer

Ricardo is the man! He has been assisting me for over a year and a half with my various IT needs. He is always quick to respond to me when I reach out for help and my issues are taken care of so quickly I am able to get back to work without ever losing a beat. Super personable, always friendly and explains things in an easy to understand manner.

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Company Uses Modern & Powerful Construction Technologies

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